In this pandemic year see Durga Puja virtually

Bryan Thomas • 24 October 2020


Durga Pujo. Not just a festival but an emotion to us bangalis but wait a minute, will Durga Pujo remain the same this year ? Will the excitement also be like previous pujos ? Who knows. 2019 Durga Pujo ended with ‘Ashche Bochor Abar Hobe’ but little did we knew that ‘Ashche bochor abar howa shombhob ki na’. We Bangalis are very optimistic but who knew an unforseen pandemic would come and hit us trembling down our optimism. Many lost their jobs, migrants all over the streets struggling to go home, pandemic hitting us hard, an uncalled typhoon called the ‘Amphan’. Everything felt as if it’s an end to all the plans, morals, hope felt lost. People were struggling but we bangalis still had the faith ’Maa ashben’. Many bangalis were skeptical of the fact if Durga Pujo will commence this year or not but there was a sight of great relief when our CM ‘Mamata Banerjee’ addressed everyone saying we will have Durga Pujo. Yes, this year is going to be different, Pandal hopping with proper sanitization , social distancing should be maintained. Durga Pujo will be different, many would also want to stay home and not go out for safety measures. Many would miss the authentic ‘Dhaker shobdo’ but never the less ’MAA ASHCHEN’ is all we care about in the end and for us, she would be our priority over anything. All we bangalis, non bangalis need her to come and shower all her blessings that we get rid of this pandemic soon and continue you enjoy Pujo like we do every year.